Treat Yourself Tulips

Indulge in the joy of spring with Treat Yourself Tulips. These cheerful flowers, elegantly planted in a compote, will bring the beauty and freshness of the season right into your home. 

Pedestal is 10”W x 6”H.

Bulb Care:Select a bright location to place your bulbs, 45°-70° is best. Indoor plants usually require once or twice weekly watering, while outdoor pots may need watering as often as once daily. When watering, ensure enough that moisture drips from the bottom of the vessel. Allow the pot to drain for 30 minutes.

After the flowers fade...Snip off each flower after it's last bloom. Dispose of the bulbs if they no longer bloom, or transplant them to a garden bed after the foliage yellows and dies back naturally. Your bulbs will reappear next Spring!